Aside from our original brand products, we also offer design, co-development and contract manufacturing services (OEM and ODM) of electro-mechanical modules and products.


Our expertise in products development and cell line manufacturing coupled with solid technical background in software/firmware development, wireless communications designs/testing, mechanical tooling and waterproof design can further contribute to manufacturing quality and robust products for all type of needs.


Our experienced team can help to accelerate product time to market with our extensive supply chain management while reducing the overall costs. Services available vary from component introduction and design all the way to final product packaging. As a commitment to our clients, we formulate innovative ideas, drawing upon the entire Group’s extensive manufacturing knowledge from our global production facilities to enrich the client’s product success.

Your success is our success.

Product Categories

  • Internet of Things (IoT) technologies based on wireless communications (controls / modules)
    • Bluetooth
    • RF
    • WiFi
    • Zigbee
  • App-based controls / modules (MFi 6.2 certified manufacturer)
  • Wireless charging
  • LED-related
    • Modules
    • Fixtures (indoor / outdoor / underwater)
    • System and control devices
  • Home automations
  • Home appliance control modules
  • HVAC systems
  • Security controls
  • Energy management and saving devices
  • Healthcare and medical products
  • GFCI / plugs / sockets

Our Capabilities

Accumulated years of technical know-how through the design and manufacturing of a wide product range, Defond has developed a solid design platform and modular designs.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Precision mechanical design
  • Mechanical tooling design and tooling manufacturing
  • Mechanical parts fabrication
  • Electronics system design on hardware, embedded firmware and software
  • Electronics with mechanical module manufacturing
  • Design and process testing and verification to support all manufacturing needs

Technology Capabilities

  • Control – triac / relay / for motor / home appliances
  • Sensing – temperature / humidity / current / chemical / capacitive touch
  • Communication, both wired and wireless, inter-board and inter-system

– Modbus, CANbus, Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, RF 433/868/916/2.4GHzMHz

– Apple MFi 6.2 certified manufacturer

Believing technological advancement is a never-ending process, we are continuously acquiring new technologies into our building blocks that can enrich our clients' new products or enhance existing products.


We are committed to introduce new elements to you, assist you to realize your new ideas and innovations, as well as to release them to the market smoothly, timely and effectively.

Be in touch with the future.


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