In response to the increasing market demand of smart grid products, Defond offers a range of product development support services for implementing smarter energy monitoring products.


Defond offers a wide range of development and manufacturing support from individual metering solution to an integrated metering system, and also other green tech area such as water management, urban farming and renewable energy system.

Our Capabilities

Defond can provide and apply appropriate sensing solution for specific metering application. Our fluid control components, electro-mechanical modules, LED lighting modules and switches provide system solution for your product in green technology.


Depending on your project requirement, Defond can provide electronic hardware, software and mechanical design services on demand.

Product Categories

  • Current sensing and monitoring modules/products
  • HVAC controls
  • Water-saving appliances and sanitary devices
  • Urban farming/irrigation systems


  • Energy sensing solution for various applications
  • Custom-made current transformer
  • Top quality solenoid pumps and valves
  • Customized LED light modules
  • Other environmental parameters sensing solutions

(e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure, optics, proximity, etc.)

Technology contributes to a sustainable world.


Is your product green?


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